About the Cédula de Habitabilidad


This is a blog for anyone who owns a rural property in Catalunya.

Specifically, in the Terres de l’Ebre area, where strict application of a decree recently passed by the Generalitat de Catalunya means that more documentation is required to obtain the cédula de habitabilidad, the habitation certificate that is essential for any sale.

What the new law means

This new law affects any rural property in Catalunya that is registered at the Registro de Propiedad as a vivienda. It does not affect property registered as an almacén as, strictly speaking, these are not supposed to be used as dwellings.

Sellers have needed a cédula de habitabilidad since 2008. However in 2009 the Generalitat de Catalunya passed a decree to further protect property buyers in Catalunya. Among other things, it means that local councils now have to certify that rural dwellings —regardless of age— were built with the appropriate planning permission, in order for a cédula to be issued.

This new policy appears not to have been thought through, because the vast majority of rural properties do not have the relevant permissions and documents required to obtain the cedula de habitabilidad even if registered at both the Registro de la Propiedad and the Catastro as a vivienda.

This does not necessarily make your property illegal however, in the vast majority of cases, it means you will be UNABLE TO SELL.

What can you do?

Please post here if you are an estate agent with any advice or comments

Please post here if you need or have applied for a cedula de habitabilidad and been unsuccessful

Please post here if you have been successful in applying for a cedula de habitabilidad since the change of the law in mid December 2009